Hong Kong Students
Hong Kong Students - Meet Our Trainees and Former Trainees

Sonia Lor, Corporate Associate

“As a trainee, I sat in corporate and commercial, restructuring, funds and litigation.  For each seat, I was assigned to assist one or two partners and this provided me with the opportunity to observe close-up and learn from senior lawyers.  For example, I shared an office with one of the corporate partners and I participated in almost every single call he made.  It was very helpful and interesting to see how he interacted with clients, other lawyers and counterparties and how he dealt with difficult situations on the phone.

I think what really distinguishes our training programme from others is the inclusive and supportive culture.  The projects in which I was involved were often unique and complex, and required a lot of creative and strategic thinking.  This, coupled with the small team structure, meant that I followed each project as closely as the other members of the team.  Not only did I work on the typical trainee tasks, but I also participated in the more high-level aspects of each project (such as the strategic discussions with clients and other advisors).  The greater level of involvement enabled me to understand the big picture issues and the key drivers in each project.  I was also encouraged to take up more responsibility and to undertake more difficult tasks, e.g. drafting an entire investment agreement based on the terms set out in a term sheet. 

Whilst I often had to work independently, I was never left alone and forgotten.  There was always a sufficient level of oversight to ensure that only the highest quality of work was delivered to clients, and I never felt that the partners were too busy to listen to me.  Our training was so effective that I felt confident and ready when I transitioned from traineeship to associate life!”