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Students - Never Stop Learning

Performance Evaluation Process

The firm’s annual evaluation process and ongoing feedback will keep you on track for advancement throughout your career.

Annual Reviews

We invest significant time in our annual evaluation process to help you perform at the highest level, advance in your career and produce the best possible work. You’ll begin the process by writing a self-evaluation; an opportunity to reflect on your performance over the prior year and to set developmental goals for the coming year. Partners and counsel will then evaluate your progress in mastering the Core Competencies for your level and provide suggestions for continued development in the coming year. You’ll also meet in person with supervising lawyers to review feedback and discuss future goals.

Anytime Feedback

Ongoing developmental feedback is vital to the career growth of our associates and counsel. Recognizing this, the firm launched a simple system to help facilitate the process of requesting feedback while also reminding supervising lawyers to provide feedback in a timely manner.