Students - First Year Training

First Year Curriculum

Our new attorneys have learned a lot about the law and tested their legal practice skills in summer positions, legal clinics and clerkships. Our training curriculum picks up where law school left off.

The Building Blocks

All new attorneys participate in either our first year advocacy or transactional training. This continuing education begins during orientation and continues throughout the year. Each course is designed to put practice tools in your hands and make you a better lawyer. Most of our courses are recorded and posted as streaming video on our internal Web portal, so they are available on demand.

Beyond our internally produced training classes, you can rely on access to the firm’s knowledge management database, thousands of training courses from the Practicing Law Institute and document resources from the Practical Law Company. Our attorney development and library professionals are tremendous resources in helping you locate what you are looking for.

Digging Deeper

Our training program doesn’t end with the basics. The firm offers in-depth courses throughout our practice areas that attract attorneys at all levels. With a vast array of courses to choose from, you should have no trouble finding what you need, learning practice skills or earning Continuing Legal Education credits.

Courses are designed to support training benchmarks that have been established by each department and are of interest to all attorneys at the firm. The process of developing the firm’s course catalog is a two-way conversation. We ask our practice managers to review their curriculum each year to ensure that it is relevant and up to date. We also ask our associates for input and help in designing courses to meet their learning needs.

The firm’s curriculum is supported by a culture of learning with many partners and counsel who are not just willing, but eager, to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

More Than Just Legal Training

It takes a lot more than just the right legal answer to keep our clients happy. From project management to leadership skills and professional judgment to our entrepreneurial spirit, there are many other reasons our clients hire us.

Akin Gump lawyers have access to many professional skills training programs throughout the year, including courses on public speaking, persuasive writing, project management, networking, business development and many other topics to aid their development.

The result is a training program that builds confident and highly skilled practitioners.