Students - First Year Training

First Year Orientation

As a new lawyer, you need to get to know your colleagues, understand your new work environment and learn to practice law in your area of specialty. Orientation will help you do that, and it begins in your first week at the firm.

Firmwide Orientation

We want you to ramp up quickly and be comfortable with your new skills. New associates from all of our offices receive training during their first week at the firm from both local and firmwide orientation programs. Associates will take a backpack-to-briefcase course covering essential office skills such as navigating work assignments, working with secretaries and staff and turning mistakes into opportunities. Our highly skilled practitioners from around the firm will also be in attendance to conduct practice-specific courses in two tracks for our transactional and advocacy associates. We take this portion of the orientation seriously because this training provides a foundation for associates and helps them to start off on the right foot.

We know that our new associates are proactive about their own career development. Part of orientation is spent helping you set career goals and see the big picture of your career at Akin Gump. You will hear from firm and practice management about their plans for the future of the firm, and our core competency program will give you a clear roadmap for your career.

Local Office Orientation

Your first week at the firm will provide you with a strong grounding, and our orientation continues throughout the year in your local office. Many social activities and educational programs are planned to help you get to know the other attorneys in your office and the resources that are available to you.

Practice area training is ongoing, with monthly programming on topics such as corporate law, investment funds, advocacy, labor and employment, tax, financial restructuring and intellectual property. These programs will help you hone your skills and feed your intellect.