Students - First Year Training

First Year Orientation

Your first week at the firm will be exciting and will provide you with the base you need to start off on the right foot. We include many training programs in first-year orientation to give you a foundation to start your practice. You’ll get training on how we deliver exceptional work to clients. You’ll hear from our leadership about the firm’s vision and goals. By the end of the week you will be ready to jump in to your work assignments. And perhaps most important, you’ll have a new group of colleagues to connect with across the firm.

Orientation continues throughout the year in your local office. Each office has its own unique mix of social activities and educational programs. From small group dinners to office-wide networking events, we will help you get to know the other lawyers and all the resources available to you. Practice area training includes monthly programming on topics such as corporate law, investment funds, advocacy, labor and employment, tax, financial restructuring and intellectual property.

Your integration is only complete when you feel like Akin Gump is your firm too. You will transition from thinking about your work and how people at Akin Gump work to focusing on how “we” work.