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20 Mar '19

March is Women’s History Month, and since we recently celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, we wanted to take a moment to highlight women in the legal industry. Our recommended reading highlights the 10 women selected for the National Women’s Hall of Fame this year, led by Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor and attorney Gloria Allred.

Tune in to next month’s post for more information on women in the legal industry.

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11 Mar '19

Fifty-six percent of law school admissions officers say they look at an applicant’s social media profile to learn more about them, according to a survey by Kaplan Test Prep of 117 law schools. Ninety-one percent of law schools say your public profile is “fair game” when it comes to admissions decisions.1 Employers may also review the social media profiles of prospective employees during the recruitment process. This month, we offer tips on the appropriate and effective use of social media

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25 Feb '19

Social media has become ubiquitous in the last decade. For many, the use of social media has quickly become a daily part of life. It affects almost every aspect of our social, personal and professional networks, including how we interact with friends and family, professional colleagues, medical providers, and many more. Social media can have an impact on your professional life and navigating the fine line between career opportunity and career pitfall can be tricky. In this week’s recommended reading, the ABA provides helpful advice on how to capitalize on the medium’s advantages while avoiding some of its jeopardies. Tune in next month for some other tips for reviewing your social media profile.

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