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10 Sep '15

Here is a link to an article by David Burton and Richard Page published on Solar Industry’s website.

The article describes a recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) private letter ruling that blesses individual taxpayers claiming a 30 percent tax credit under Section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code for owning solar modules that are part of a community solar project. The facts of the ruling are that the individual owners of the community solar project benefit from a net metering program with the regional utility so that the value of the electricity that the project provides to the grid reduces the electric bills for the project owners' residences. Prior IRS guidance regarding community solar had not sanctioned this type of net metering arrangement. The ruling was first made public by an industry group. Since the article was written, the IRS has also released the ruling and assigned a number to it. Here is a link to P.L.R. 201536017 (Jul. 28, 2015).

*This blog post was originally on Tax Equity Telegraph.