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30 Nov '18

This week we highlight a post by the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation by Akin Gump attorneys. This article discussed how Dell has been planning to eliminate its tracking stock (DVMT) through a merger with a wholly-owned subsidiary that would effectively convert the outstanding DVMT shares into a new class of publicly traded Dell common stock, and the reluctance of many DVMT stockholders to support the proposed exchange.

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11 Oct '18

Akin Gump has issued an alert on the Delaware Court of Chancery’s decision that a buyer has the contractual right to terminate a merger based on a sudden and sustained decline in the seller’s business. The Delaware Court has made clear the decision was driven by facts, not legal innovation and that the decision provides guidance to both litigators and dealmakers for negotiation and interpretation of so-called “material adverse effect” clauses.

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28 Sep '18

Akin Gump has issued an alert detailing key amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), passed by the California Legislature at the end of August and signed into law this week by Governor Brown.

Please click here to read the full alert. The amendments were also discussed in detail in an earlier alert, posted here.

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27 Jul '18

This week we highlight a publication by The Monitor Institute by Deloitte on the board’s role in corporate social purpose posted here on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation. The paper concludes that with rising interest in a company’s social purpose, boards need to strategize to increase their commitments accordingly and perhaps consider forming a separate committee depending on the extent of the related activities.

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09 Jul '18

Akin Gump has issued an alert detailing the background, key provisions, enforcement and penalties of the recently passed California Consumer Privacy Act. In addition, we outline proactive steps for businesses to take to protect themselves from the likely effects of the act.

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30 Mar '18

This week we highlight a report by ACCA on the difference one year makes in auditor reporting standards since the IAASB’s changes. The analysis looks across the implementation of the new standards in eleven countries and draws upon a detailed analysis of 560 new-style audit reports and feedback from roundtables, at which stakeholders gave their perspectives on the new reports.

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16 Mar '18

This week we highlight a report by BDO’s Center for Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting on a variety of topics that corporate management and boards of directors should be prepared to address in connection with their 2018 annual meetings. The main issues include the impact of efforts by the current administration regarding taxes and deregulation, as well as corporate accountability and compliance concerns.

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