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15 Jul '15

This month, Duff & Phelps published its 2015 Fairness and Solvency Opinions Report, covering six recurring transaction structures often pursued by our clients. Why are certain transaction types prevalent?  We believe the seeds were planted when the financial crisis unleashed massive deflationary forces across the globe.  The relentless efforts of the Fed (and other central banks) to stimulate growth with unprecedented monetary easing have driven interest rates to historic lows.  These two macro trends – stagnant growth and low interest rates – are contributing factors to several transactions we discuss in the report, as listed below. To access the report, click here.

  • Corporate Spin-Off Transactions
  • Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and YieldCos
  • Real Estate Roll-up Transactions
  • Going-Private Transactions for Chinese Companies
  • Dividend Recaps
  • Affiliate Party Transactions