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09 Oct '15

This week, we highlight PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) 2015 Annual Corporate Directors Survey. During the summer of 2015, 783 public company directors responded PwC’s survey. The survey was structured to gauge director sentiment on whether their boards have oriented themselves toward a longer-term governance focus in light of short-termism. The results of the survey indicate that this is indeed the case:

  • Strategy oversight time horizons have increased
  • Directors are embracing the power of board diversity
  • Directors are more critical of peer performance and have prioritized board composition
  • Directors rate board-level IT strategy expertise as a bigger priority than having a director with a cyber risk background
  • Directors are less likely to believe the time they spend on CEO succession is sufficient
  • Talent management is a priority
  • Direct communications with shareholders are more prevalent
  • More action is being taken to prepare for shareholder activism
  • Directors are spending significant time on continuing education
  • Engagement in all areas of IT strategy and risk oversight have increased

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