Corporate > AG Deal Diary > The Case for Women on Boards: Taking the Long View
10 Sep '13

“Women care too much about what people think of them” — Sheryl Sandberg, at PwC Talks, Leaning In, together?

Do women really care TOO much? Or do men not care enough? Regardless, there is a general consensus that women are more cognizant of how others perceive them. After all, by the time most girls are 10 years old, they’ve been advised to protect their reputations. Tarnish that reputation in your teen years, and it can follow you your whole life.

Cultured and innate tendencies for women to think about cause and effect — and to weigh the pros and cons of their actions BEFORE they take them — is a compelling reason (among many) why companies should, and indeed need to, find more women to serve on their boards.

The current push for board diversity of gender is not about filling quotas. Rather, diversity of gender almost guarantees that long-term horizons will be a voiced and focused priority, which, in the short term, translates to more ways of identifying and analyzing issues and creating and implementing solutions…which, in turn, leads to long-term shareholder value creation…which all boards should care about.