Corporate > AG Deal Diary > The Impact of the Potential Government Shutdown on the SEC
30 Sep '13

On September 27, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) posted the following announcement on its website: SEC Operating Status: The SEC will remain open and operational in the event the federal government undergoes a lapse in appropriations on October 1. Any changes to the SEC’s operational status after October 1 will be announced on this website. The SEC’s current operational plan in the event of an SEC shutdown is available here.

Thus, the SEC will be open on Tuesday, October 1, even if the government experiences a lapse in appropriations.  It appears that all of the SEC’s functions, including the review of filings, will continue until further notice.  The statement on the SEC’s website does not indicate how long the SEC expects to remain open in the event of a government shutdown.

If the SEC later determines to shut down, it will still perform limited functions according to its Plan of Operations During an SEC Shutdown, which is available through its website