Corporate > AG Deal Diary > The Year Ahead In Tax Policy: Recurrent Issues In A New Congress
20 Jan '15

The new 114th Congress has now convened, and speculation is widespread as to the tax legislative agenda for 2015. Republicans now control both houses of Congress, and new chairmen are in place in leadership roles of both tax-writing committees. While much is new in the Congress and in the two tax committees, many tax legislative issues are recurrent and are likely to demand attention in 2015. Some issues will be driven by calendar deadlines—others will be discretionary with the two chairmen and dependent on the emergence—or failure—of political consensus. Others still could be driven by adoption of a congressional budget resolution for FY 2016 with reconciliation instructions requiring legislative action by the tax committees. This update identifies the critical calendar deadlines that will confront the two tax committees, as well as other significant tax policy issues, such as tax reform, that could emerge in the course of the year.

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