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14 Apr '17

Congress entered into its spring recess on April 7 having delivered regulatory reforms to President Trump’s desk. In the first 75 days of the Trump administration, legislators approved 13 Congressional Review Act resolutions, with President Trump signing 11 thus far. Despite these victories, Congress was unable to deliver President Trump a key legislative goal, and health care reform remains elusive as Republicans continue to disagree over the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

While discussions over changes to the AHCA will continue during the recess, Congress’ main focus upon returning to Washington will be to fund the federal government past April 28, when the current Continuing Resolution (CR) expires. All indications point to a hybrid funding bill that includes an omnibus spending package for all appropriations bills for which legislators can find consensus and a continuing resolution for the handful of controversial appropriations bills where there is no bipartisan agreement. The package is expected to also include supplemental funding for defense priorities. One item that Congress is unlikely to include is funding for President Trump’s wall on the southern border. All eyes will be on this appropriations package because it will be the first piece of legislation that is required to achieve 60 votes since President Trump was inaugurated.

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