Energy Regulation, Markets and Enforcement > Strategic Advice

We help our clients navigate the complex legal, political and economic issues that face energy companies today. Representative matters include:

  • providing advice to a joint-action supply agency on the potential impact of the Regional Transmission Organization’s (RTO) Open-Access Transmission Tariff on the agency’s integrated portfolio of supply-side resources, which includes demand response and reduction measures as well as distributing generation resources
  • providing advice to a private equity fund on developing a regulatory strategy and related commercial agreements to build and operate a 50-mile transmission line
  • providing policy advice to an RTO regarding transmission tariff issues, regional wholesale electricity markets, gas-electric supply coordination, independent market monitoring, carbon regulation, cybersecurity policy, reliability standards and FERC transmission incentives policy
  • providing advice to a consortium of municipally-owned utilities on the legal and policy implications of a voluntary pooling of their transmission assets for operational purposes
  • providing advice to a pipeline company’s incident management team during pipeline events and ruptures in connection with federal and state investigations, communications with stakeholders, implementation of pipeline integrity inspection and testing practices and procedures, and the evaluation of pipeline emergency management protocols
  • providing advice to affiliated electric utilities regarding power procurement and optimization strategies, physical and financial gas procurement and risk management strategies and gas transportation strategies.