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17 Mar '16

A district court in Virginia has found a patent related to a navigation system that assists users in locating stores to be directed to an unpatentable abstract idea. U.S. Patent No. 6,397,143 (the “’143 patent”), titled “Layout based method for map navigation” was issued to Inventor George Peschke in 2002. The patent is directed to a computer-based map navigation system that provides a “visual presentation of a shopping center” to the user and assists the user in locating stores and businesses in and around the shopping mall. Each store shown on the visual presentation can be clicked to view a description page about that store. Last year, Peschke sued Rouse Properties Inc. for infringement of the ’143 patent, alleging that Rouse’s website for a shopping mall uses a computerized mapping system. Rouse moved to dismiss the suit under Section 101. The court granted Rouse’s motion, finding that the asserted claims were directed toward an abstract idea.

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