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06 Jul '16

Two law schools in Space City are clashing over who has the right to be known as “Houston’s” law school. South Texas College of Law (SCTL) recently announced that it was changing its name to Houston College of Law, much to the disapproval of the top-tier ranked University of Houston Law Center (UH). On June 27, 2016, UH filed suit in the Southern District of Texas against STCL for trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, and dilution.

According to the complaint, STCL not only changed its name to something “confusingly similar,” but it also adopted a red and white color scheme on its new website that resembles UH’s “cougar red” and white, the official colors of UH. According to STCL officials, the search for a new name began four years ago. And although STCL has not answered the complaint, STCL has commented to the media that they believe they are on “firm legal ground” with the name change.  Should the name change hold, Houston won’t be the first city with two similarly named law schools. New York University School of Law and New York Law School have coexisted for 125 years about a mile apart in Manhattan.

Board of Regents of the University of Houston v. South Texas College of Law, C.A. No. 4:16-cv-01839 (S.D. Tex, filed June 27, 2016)