Cuba: Real Estate and Hospitality

Given the improved Cuba and U.S. relations and increasingly relaxed travel restrictions, investments in real estate and hospitality in Cuba are poised for growth. Our internationally recognized real estate, hospitality and finance team, known for its innovative, comprehensive and professional representation, is prepared to help both real estate developers, hospitality and shared-economy companies, private investment funds, real estate investment funds, sovereign wealth funds and financial institutions with the acquisition, development, leasing, financing, and operation and management of rentals, hotels, resorts, casinos, golf courses, marinas and other hospitality-related businesses in the complex Cuban marketplace. Once the embargo is lifted, direct U.S. investment in hospitality and real estate will surge, and we stand ready to assist our clients when that day comes. However, until then, we are prepared to help foreign investors and also U.S. investors with joint ventures with other foreign entities.

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