Key Experience

  • Works at the intersection of law policy and public affairs, handling messaging and outreach to policy-makers.
  • Advises in high-stakes litigation and investigations.


Francine Friedman provides policy and public affairs guidance to clients facing high-stakes litigation or negotiations. She assists with messaging and third-party outreach and input, including traditional media and op-eds on social media. Francine is particularly adept at distilling complex issues down to high-impact talking points. She also conducts policy-maker outreach and the development of litigation strategy.

Representative Work

  • For a leading multinational technology company, managed numerous facets of multiple patent infringement litigation matters. Managed strategies related to media engagement, International Trade Commission (ITC) issues and policy-maker and other stakeholder outreach.
  • Helped write and pass the GO Zone Act, which resulted in $1 billion in additional Housing Tax Credits after Hurricane Katrina. Currently advises The Partnership for Job Creation, a group of stakeholders seeking to make permanent the New Markets Tax Credit Program.
  • Has worked with a multinational bioagriculture company for nearly a decade as a strategic advisor on many issues facing the company, including antitrust, merger, trade, data security policy and United States Agency for International Development interactions.
  • Assisted a medical technology company in seeking an ITC exclusion order of infringing competing products. Developed and successfully executed a public interest comment strategy. Armed with arguments regarding the importance of innovation and intellectual property, the client won in early phases at the ITC and reached a settlement that it considered highly favorable.
  • Served as part of a team that helped pass the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement (FTA) and has worked as an advisor to multiple embassies on their FTA’s with the U.S.