Akin Gump Client Alert on New Cuba Regulations Quoted in The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald has quoted an Akin Gump client alert in its article “Deciphering new Cuba regulations: 5 changes that could prove significant.”

The new Obama administration regulatory changes regarding Cuba, as the article notes, are an expansion of opportunities for Americans to do joint medical research with Cubans. The new rules would also permit Americans to obtain FDA approval of Cuban-origin pharmaceuticals and to market and sell them. The article quotes from Akin Gump’s client alert, noting that the rule change “does not authorize U.S. persons to establish a business or physical presence in Cuba or hire Cuban nationals as part of their research activities.”

The article quotes Akin Gump’s alert again later in the piece, noting that even with this health sector rule change, as well as others pertaining to shipping, services and alcohol and tobacco products, “The U.S. embargo against Cuba continues to broadly restrict trade, financial services and travel between the two countries.”

To read the client alert in its entirety, please click here.