Akin Gump Energy and Tax Attorneys Author Article on Distributed Generation

Electricity Journal has published an article by several Akin Gump attorneys on the topic of distributed generation

“Why End Users Are Investing (Big) in Distributed Generation” looks at the potential benefits and challenges for commercial and industrial end users who invest in distributed generation assets. Noting that, while every investment is unique and requires careful due diligence, the authors write that an investment in distributed generation that is well-structured can create “opportunities for end users to lower their energy bills, reduce energy price volatility, earn tax benefits, improve electric service reliability, and create product differentiation through environmentally conscious decision-making.”

The authors of the article are Julia Sullivan, co-chair of Akin Gump’s energy regulation, markets and enforcement practice, Chip Cannon, a partner in the practice, David Burton, a partner in the firm’s tax practice, and Scott Johnson and John White, both associates in the energy regulation, markets and enforcement practice.