Akin Gump Pro Bono Team Works to Support 2013 Opportunity Index

The Wall Street Journal in its article “U.S. Economic Mobility Improving Very Slowly” profiled a new report by the Opportunity Nation coalition that analyzed 16 economic and demographic indicators to conclude that America’s Opportunity Index has only inched up over the two years since the Index was launched. The Index was co-developed by Opportunity Nation and Measure of America to serve as “the nation’s most comprehensive measure of economic, educational and civic factors that influence the upward mobility of Americans.”

A multioffice, multipractice team led by Akin Gump chairperson Kim Koopersmith researched and drafted summaries explaining the importance of these 16 indicators of opportunity for the 2013 Opportunity Index. These summaries, which align along the three dimensions of Jobs, Education and Community Health & Civic Life, were used by Opportunity Nation to target the stakeholders active in the various areas measured by the indicators.