Anta Cissé-Green on Prince and the Potential Legal Battle over His Estate

Los Angeles Times, in its article “Prince's sister claims the singer had no will,” quoted Akin Gump tax senior counsel Anta Cissé-Green on the possible consequences should entertainer Prince, who died on April 21, have died without having executed a will.

The article notes that estimates of the late singer and musician’s estate range from $150 million to $300 million and that he is survived by a sibling and several half siblings.

Cissé-Green, whose practice focuses on private client services for high-net-worth individuals, said, “It's an unusual situation to amass this amount of wealth and not have a will. It means there could be a potential legal battle.” Among areas of potential dispute, she noted the appointment of an executor, as his siblings are all “equally entitled to handle the estate.”