Anya Landau French Quoted in Latin America Advisor on Likely Changes to Cuba Policy in a Biden Administration

Latin America Advisor has quoted Anya Landau French, a consultant in Akin Gump’s public law and policy practice, in the article “Will Biden Make Major Changes to U.S. Policy on Cuba?” Following the election of Joe Biden as President, the article looks at which policies relating to Cuba might change in a Biden administration as well as how likely the 46th President may be to roll back Trump-era policies through executive orders.

Landau French noted that Biden advisors “have already indicated that Trump administration policies limiting Cuban-American family travel and remittances to the island will be reversed.” She said to expect the Biden administration “to review policies that had an adverse impact on Cuba’s budding private entrepreneur sector as well as on U.S. businesses that engaged in efforts with the support of the Obama-Biden administration.”

Landau French said there could be an executive order “that reverses most or all of the Trump administration’s Cuba policy and associated regulations.” She pointed out that there may also be other efforts that come from Congress.

Discussing the Biden campaign, Landau French said it is “no doubt scrutinizing its margin of loss among Cuban-American voters in [Florida’s] Miami-Dade County,” a group that has traditionally voted Republican. It is also possible, though, she said, “that the Biden-Harris team will not be so singularly focused on winning over this set of voters in South Florida as was President Trump and may instead focus on delivering to larger constituencies around the country.”