Anya Landau French Writes Article on Investment Opportunities in Cuba for U.S. Companies

“Where The Opportunities Lie,” an article written by Akin Gump senior policy advisor Anya Landau French, has been published by Cuba Trade magazine. The article addresses the high-potential sectors in Cuba that U.S. investors have not yet tapped into, which, according to the article, Cuba’s ambassador to the United States says are energy and biotechnology.

Landau French writes that Cuba’s biopharmaceutical sector has been generating interest from around the world, including in the United States, for more than two decades. Prior to last year, however, she notes, “U.S. regulatory barriers deterred all but a handful of intrepid Americans” from pursuing business there. With the U.S. Treasury Department now permitting U.S. research and investment in Cuba’s biopharmaceutical sector, and with new rules facilitating professional research travel, Landau French says it is much easier “for U.S. companies to travel to see the research ongoing in Cuban biopharmaceutical centers, discuss opportunities with dozens of companies under the BioCubaFarma umbrella, and proceed with negotiations to ink new deals in this sector.”

Likewise with the energy sector, where Landau French writes, “a range of opportunities are available.” This includes updating the country’s electrical grid and meeting the government’s plans to develop renewable energy. To do so, she says, will require investment partnerships.

Concluding, Landau French points out, there is “a potential premium on the table for U.S. companies that recognize business opportunities in Cuba’s energy sector to get down to Havana to start the conversation.”

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