Axios Quotes Spencer Griffith on Possible New Tariffs of Chinese Solar Imports

Axios has quoted Akin Gump international trade partner Spencer Griffith in the article “China plays all sides of solar fight,” regarding a battle brewing within the U.S. Solar industry about how the Trump administration should address a flood of cheap solar imports coming mostly from China or Chinese-owned companies.

The article reports that China has widespread interests in clean energy, having dominated the field for at least the last seven years. President Trump, however, has said he wants to reverse years of open-trade policies to help protect American jobs and manufacturing. According to the article, he is now awaiting a recommendation on what type of trade remedies to impose, including the possibility of new tariffs.

Griffith, who represents a Chinese trade group opposed to any new trade remedies, said, “Chinese solar panels are absolutely critical to the U.S. market and the overall U.S. solar industry. U.S. producers of cells and modules cannot come close to satisfying U.S. demand, and the draconian remedies the petitioners propose would cripple the U.S. market and U.S. demand.”