Bernd Janzen Quoted on Efforts to Reduce Wind Import Tariffs

Akin Gump international trade partner Bernd Janzen was quoted by Wind Power Monthly in the article “Analysis: International talks aim to cut wind import tariffs” discussing what could be a big step toward opening international borders to free trade in wind turbines, their components and a potential wide range of other goods related to renewable energy and environmental technology.”

The article reports that 14 members of the World Trade Organization have been holding talks aimed at eliminating tariffs on certain environmental products. Currently, import tariffs on turbine parts in those member countries can be as high as 8 percent. Elsewhere, the tariffs hit double digits, reaching 12 percent in Brazil and 14 percent in Argentina.

Removing the tariffs and eliminating the extra cost, Janzen said, “could make the difference between being able to bid on a project or not, if you are competing with a domestic supplier that doesn’t have to pay that cost.” While the current talks are limited in how much they can accomplish, Janzen pointed out that the 14 countries involved represent “an overwhelming majority of existing global trade in renewable energy products.” Adding additional issues, such as services or behind-the-border technical barriers, to the talks, he added, would only make it “harder to get to a satisfactory conclusion.”