Bloomberg News Coverage of Tax Code Proposal Includes Quote from Arshi Siddiqui

A plan by the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee to seek justification of every tax break sought by fellow lawmakers is drawing many responses, including from Akin Gump public law and policy partner Arshi Siddiqui.

Siddiqui, a former tax aide to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, speaks favorably of the proposal, telling Bloomberg News, “The fact that [Sen. Max] Baucus and [Sen. Orrin] Hatch are working together on this and want to try to get as much committee involvement as possible can only be a good thing, can only move the process forward.”

Baucus and Hatch have asked their colleagues to submit comments by July 26, as they seek to start from a “blank slate” in overhauling the tax code.