Communications Daily Quotes Akin Gump Postelection Regulatory Alert

In its article “Trump FCC Seen Likely to Rewrite Some of Rules on Spectrum,” Communications Daily quoted from Akin Gump’s 2016 Postelection Regulatory Report, an overview prepared by regulatory practitioners from around the firm that looks at some of the regulatory changes possible in a Trump administration.

The areas covered in the report are: antitrust/competition, communications and information technology, cybersecurity, energy and the environment, financial services/investment management, government contracts and defense, health care, immigration, international trade, tax, and transportation and infrastructure.

The article quotes from the second of these, communications and information technology, noting that, given President-elect Trump’s pro-business orientation, “a Trump-controlled FCC might seek to accelerate actions to adopt rules/policies to authorize 5G services in the United States in an effort to establish America’s leadership in this very important area.”

It also quotes the report’s outlook on privatization of government spectrum: “A Trump-led FCC might seek to accelerate the reallocation of as much government-controlled spectrum as possible to private commercial users and to attempt to reduce the deficit through auction revenue generated by the sale of such spectrum. To the extent that spectrum is used for national security purposes, Trump would be less likely to favor reallocation to private uses.”

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