Dino Barajas Profiled by Diversity Journal

Diversity Journal, as part of its commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month, profiled a number of Hispanic/Latino leaders and executives, among them Akin Gump global project finance partner Dino Barajas, on their heritage and careers.

Barajas described his Mexican-American heritage as giving him a unique perspective and affording him limitless opportunities that are not constrained by what he characterized as an “invisible glass ceiling.”  He also spoke about the influence of his mother in stressing education as the path to success, to which, along with hard work and determination, he attributes his graduation from Harvard Law School.

When asked to offer advice to young Hispanic business leaders, Barajas emphasized networking as a way to “take advantage of the lessons learned by their predecessors” and noted successful Latinos’ “obligation to help and mentor those younger than us.”  He added that “the majority of Latinos within the community would welcome the opportunity to help” up-and-coming businessmen and –women as well as to develop mentor/mentee relationships that would help the young professional excel.