Dino Barajas Quoted on Latin American Renewable Energy Development by Inter-American Dialogue

Akin Gump global project finance partner Dino Barajas was interviewed by Inter-American Dialogue­ for its article “How Could the Region Power-Up its Matrix With Renewables?” on renewable energy development in Latin America. Among the topics he covered:

  • Developers moving into the Latin American market: “Latin America is poised to become the next big frontier for renewable energy. As renewable energy development continues to become more challenging in Europe and the United States given changing energy policies and the scarcity of long-term offtake agreements, renewable energy developers have begun shifting their attention to the Latin America market.”
  • The Latin American market environment: “Local policymakers have been able to attract wind and solar developers to their markets by simply enacting legislation… which promotes renewable development at a nominal cost to the existing electricity grid. In most Latin American markets, tax subsidies are not required to promote renewable energy development. This promotes a long-term stable environment for renewable energy companies as development is not dependent on political whims, which can change over time.”
  • Benefits for all in Latin America: “Global market factors have resulted in the 'perfect storm' for renewable energy developers and energy policymakers… For developers, paying attention to the Latin America energy market has become a survival strategy... For local policymakers, the renewed interest in the region has provided them a unique opportunity to gain energy security through the harnessing of local resources.”