FERC Extends Order No. 1000 Interregional Compliance Filings Deadline to July 2013

On February 26, 2013, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) extended by 90 days, to and including July 10, 2013, the deadline for all public utility transmission providers (including jurisdictional public utilities and independent system operators acting on behalf of such utilities) to submit Order No. 10001 compliance filings regarding interregional transmission coordination procedures and cost allocation.2 The FERC, acting in response to separate motions to extend the deadline filed by several independent system operators and various individual public utilities, granted the extension “to enable public utility transmission providers in each transmission planning region to work with their stakeholders and develop interregional compliance filings with broad-based support.”3 The FERC’s notice granting the extension is available here.

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2 Transmission Planning & Cost Allocation by Transmission Owning & Operating Pub. Utils., Notice Granting an Extension of Time to Submit Interregional Compliance Filings, issued Feb. 26, 2013, Docket
No. RM10-23-000.

3 Id. at 2.

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