Francine Friedman Talks Post-Election-Day Cybersecurity Bill Prospects with POLITICO

POLITICO interviewed Akin Gump senior policy counsel Francine Friedman for its article “After GOP rout, cyber prospects in lame duck take shape,” on the fate of cybersecurity legislation in the wake of GOP wins in the Senate on November 4.

Friedman said, “I think very little if any of [the election results] tips the balance so cyber gets done, and right now the status quo unfortunately is we don’t have time.”

On whether the authors and supporters of the Senate Intelligence Committee bill—the Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA)—can get it to a vote on the Senate floor, she said, “We all agree cybersecurity is something that needs to be addressed, but it didn’t get addressed in September, it didn’t get addressed in July, and the ‘why now?’ could be [Sens.] Chambliss, Rogers, Rockefeller not wanting to start from the beginning, but I don’t think Harry Reid feels the same way and hasn’t made it a priority.”