Hal Shapiro Pens Op-Ed “In defense of Congress” for The Hill

The Hill, in its Congress Blog, has published an op-ed by Washington, D.C.-based Akin Gump partner Hal Shapiro titled “In defense of Congress” in which he proposes an alternative to the commonly held view that Congress is “broken.”

Shapiro suggests that the dysfunction that many commentators see in a Congress that can’t seem to pass bills or find common ground is actually a feature of that body included in its design by the nation’s founders.  The notions of contending views among the branches of government and within the Congress were introduced by John Adams and James Madison, the former urging, as Shapiro notes, “that legislative power should be divided into two chambers that would have different interests and would vie against each other and the executive and judicial branches.”  He also notes that Madison considered the size and diversity of the country as an advantage that “would serve as a natural ballast against capricious action” and that “Congress would reflect the electorate that put them in office.”

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