Hamish Lal Q&A Focuses on Arbitration in Construction Projects

“The evolving role of arbitration in construction disputes,” a Q&A with Akin Gump litigation partner Hamish Lal, has been published by Purpose Built, a LexisNexis blog. The article focuses on the extent to which arbitration is being increasingly used to resolve construction disputes.

Mr. Lal, whose practice focuses on construction litigation and arbitration, answers five key questions on the topic:

  • How common is the use of arbitration in resolving construction disputes?
  • To what extent has this changed over the last few years?
  • Is this likely to continue?
  • Are construction disputes particularly suited to being resolved by arbitration?
  • Which arbitration rules are commonly used?
  • Are there any changes that could be made to the arbitration process to make it a more attractive dispute resolution option?

His conclusion regarding the recent increase in the use of arbitration to resolve construction disputes in international projects—itself driven by the fact that a number of large, high-value, complex infrastructure and hotel/tourism have now reached what he calls the “dispute stage”—is that “There is nothing to indicate that the increase in the use of international construction arbitration is not likely to continue. Further, the increased use and familiarity with arbitration over the last few years has the tangible consequence that international contractors and owners become more comfortable with arbitration and thus more inclined to advocate its benefits which ultimately allows arbitration use to continue to grow.”

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