India Media Outlets Quote Daniel Feldman on Hillary Clinton and India

Akin Gump international trade partner Daniel Feldman has been quoted in articles published by The Hindu and Hindustan Times, among other outlets, on Hillary Clinton and her views on India.

For “Hillary has ‘very strong’ record on ties with India: adviser,” The Hindu noted that Feldman, who served as principal advisor to secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton regarding Afghanistan, Pakistan and broader South, Central and East Asian issues, stressed her strong record on ties with India, both as Secretary of State and as Senator, forming the Senate India Caucus and serving as its founding co-chair.

Feldman noted with “great concern” the fact that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has not outlined his South Asia policies or identified his advisors regarding the region. By contrast, he noted Clinton’s experience in the region and said that, as President, “she would continue to determine what is the most pragmatic way forward to keep all of us more secure and stable,” pointing to her efforts and accomplishments as America’s top diplomat.

In Hindustan Times’ “As US president, Clinton will remain committed to ties with South Asia,” Feldman discussed continuity as one of the hallmarks of a Hillary Clinton administration, saying “There is already a real growth in our relationships, with key South Asian countries over the course of the last seven years. There’s enormous continued opportunity to expand and strengthen those relationships, and I’m sure that she will continue to take advantage of that.”

He stressed her commitment to the region, noting “Look to her commitments to South Asia when she was secretary, her frequent travel there – and I accompanied her to India, to Pakistan, to Afghanistan, all numerous times.” He spoke of her efforts to “knit together” one of what he called the “least-connected regions of the world, between South and Central Asia” and spoke to her intention to continue “economic and commercial dialogues, including elevating strategic dialogues with several countries of the region.”

Feldman spoke of the candidate’s commitment to multilateral approaches to regional issues, “whether from the broader international community, as we saw in Afghanistan, to continuing to try to strengthen and empower key regional initiatives like she did with the Heart of Asia process and others.”