Kelli Moll Quoted in Businessweek on Dodd-Frank

Kelli Moll, who heads Akin Gump’s hedge fund practice in New York, was quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek’s article “Who’s Afraid of Dodd-Frank? Not Wall Street” on the topic of the financial industry’s adaptation to the disclosure and registration requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Concerning the relative ease with which large funds have adapted to the increased cost and effort necessary, Moll said, “Some of the really big ones automated the process internally, because they had the IT staff to be able to do that. But the next wave of managers are not so large. And I think they’re still struggling.”  That said, she noted, “Once they get their first filing done, or their second filing done, I think it’s going to be not so terrible. People are going to adjust.”