Quotes Rex Heinke on Calls to Split 9th Circuit

Rex Heinke, co-head of Akin Gump’s Supreme Court and appellate practice, has been quoted in the story “Why the Ninth Circuit Shouldn’t Be Split,” which examines calls for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to be split up. According to the article, the court’s “liberal-leaning reputation and California-heavy docket” have led some Republican senators to back legislation aimed at splitting up the court.

Heinke, however, said there would be a big cost factor in splitting up the court. A split, he said “will increase costs significantly: In 2005, the Administrative Office of the Courts estimated the cost of splitting as around $96 million plus annual operating expenses of $16 million a year for the New Circuit. While the 9th Circuit is not as fast as other circuits in deciding cases, this appears to be due to chronic delays in appointing new judges: 14 percent of the positions are vacant.”