Law360 Quotes Adam Umanoff on Renewables “Tall Order”

Akin Gump global finance practice co-chair Adam Umanoff was quoted by Law360 for its article “US Cities Hand Renewable Energy Developers A Tall Order” on the topic of recent mandates by cities, including Houston and Los Angeles, to get more of their power from renewable sources.

Umanoff characterized the need to site projects where there is sufficient land as “you build it where the resources are good,” even though the project may be hundreds of miles from a large city.  If large-scale renewable projects are, in fact, far from cities, he noted that the question then becomes, “Will there be adequate transmission? To me, that’s the biggest challenge.”

Finally, on the topic of the distribution of authority between the federal government and the states, Umanoff said, “At the end of the day, the regulatory authority to permit transmission development is at the state level. Right now, there’s no state public service commission or utility commission that's going to quietly cede its authority to the feds.”