Law360 Quotes Paul Gutermann in 2016 Energy Regulation Forecast

For its “Energy Regulation And Legislation To Watch In 2016” article, Law360 quoted environment and natural resources partner Paul Gutermann on possible legislative and regulatory actions to be taken by the federal government in the new year.

Gutermann began by noting that he thought that conditions in Washington, D.C., over the next year, including the presidential election, will prevent anything significant happening.

Turning to specific EPA-related issues, he commented on the EPA’s proposed rule to reduce methane emissions and on recent steps taken by the agency to strengthen its oil and gas enforcement work, saying, “The information that EPA gets from the next-generation enforcement tools and how that plays into the rulemaking and the final structure of the methane proposal is going to be interesting to see.”

On the Obama administration’s proposed Clean Power Plan to fight against climate change, the publication notes that it will have states submitting implementation plans by 2018 even as a number of them, along with industry groups, are challenging it in court. Gutermann said that the new year will show how states will work with the EPA to devise implementation strategies or how the EPA will develop an implementation plan for states that refuse to submit their own, noting that this will show “how EPA interacts with those groups and starts to get flesh on the bones on what the Clean Power Plan really means on a state-by-state basis.”