Le Temps Quotes Alan Yanovich on WTO Tribunal Workload

For its article “Victime de son succès, le tribunal de l’OMC s’attend à une surcharge de travail,” [A victim of its success, the WTO’s tribunal expects an increased workload], Switzerland’s Le Temps quoted Akin Gump senior counsel Alan Yanovich on the World Trade Organization  Appellate Body’s projected workload for 2014.

The release of the Appellate Body’s 2013 annual report revealed an increased level of activity, one that is forecast to ramp up in 2014 and succeeding years, according to Yanovich, who spent 12 years as a counselor at the Appellate Body, the WTO’s highest tribunal: “We should expect up to six appeals,” some of which, the publication notes, could contain multiple complaints.

Yanovich also noted, “The case of imports of rare earths by China could be the object of the next appeal, because the report of the panel is to be published this week. [On March 26, the WTO, in fact, ruled that China had violated international trade rules by restricting trade in 17 rare earths.] But the bulk of the workload increase should take place during the second half of the year.”