Legal Business Quotes Justin Williams on Litigation in Russia

For its article “After the gold rush – has the age of the oligarch dispute passed?” Legal Business quoted Akin Gump litigation partner Justin Williams on disputes involving Russia and the CIS.

Regarding the greater likelihood that arbitral awards would be recognized in Russia and the CIS, Williams noted, “With Russian clients there is a perception that it’s easier to enforce an arbitral award than to enforce an English court judgment. Usually that perception is correct, unless there are assets available for enforcement within the EU. You have issues such as confidentiality, but the main driver is enforceability.”

Further, Williams discussed the greater likelihood of litigation that might be occasioned by Russian clients’ native attitude towards dispute resolution: “It may reflect the cultural approach to disputes. If you have done any Russian work, you know that the approach that Russians take to resolving disagreements is different to others. Russians are more comfortable in submitting themselves to a legal process to produce the ‘right’ outcome rather than compromising.”