Marissa Román Griffith Talks Hollywood at Princeton

Akin Gump entertainment and media partner Marissa Román Griffith returned to her alma mater, Princeton University, to participate in the “Careers in Hollywood: Script to Screen and Everything in Between” event held on March 29.  The workshop, featuring screenwriters, producers, studio executives and, in Román Griffith’s case, entertainment attorneys, was aimed at connecting students with career opportunities in the arts.

Among the topics she discussed was the challenge of assembling film projects: “It is a very difficult process to do because you’ve got to get a combination of pre-sales; you’ve got to have soft money incentives, which is where some jurisdictions will give you money to shoot there and spend money in their locations; you almost always have to have equity these days, unless you have a studio behind you; and then you have to have distribution—you really want to have a domestic sale.”

The workshop’s business panel, on which Román Griffith participated, can be viewed here.