Michael Brito Quoted in HRO Today on Use of Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

HRO Today has quoted Akin Gump corporate partner Michael Brito in the article “Future-Proof Recruitment,” which looks at how artificial intelligence (AI) has affected (and might continue to affect) the recruiting process.

The article reports that, while the early phases of the hiring process can benefit from applying AI technology, recruitment will still always need some human involvement. Automated solutions, the article continues, allow recruiters to screen resumes much faster, though real people are still required to ensure there is diversity in the final talent pool.

“Given the development of ‘smart’ applications or cognitive computing,” Brito said, “there are a number of emerging areas of applicability [for AI in recruiting]. For example, Google has a human-performance analytics group that uses algorithms to determine everything from optimal interview techniques to compensation. Candidate selection will and should require human interaction—but the processes that precede and follow it are likely to become increasingly automated.”