Michelle Reed’s Cybersecurity Work, Views Profiled by Dallas Business Journal

Akin Gump partner Michelle Reed, who co-leads the firm’s cybersecurity, privacy and data protection practice, was interviewed by Dallas Business Journal, the resulting article titled “How this Dallas attorney is shaping how companies protect against data breaches.”

The article notes her 10-year history in cybersecurity work for clients and discusses her views on a range of topics related to cyber threats and solutions for business, among them:

  • Risks for businesses: “The way you’re judged and whether you become what [regulators] consider to be the wrong-doer in connection with the incident is based on how well you respond.”
  • Difficulties for companies: “On the front end, I do a lot of M&A due diligence, and I can see that some of the companies don’t even know what laws govern them…A lot of them can’t even decipher what they’re subject to.”
  • Industries ahead of the curve: “From my perspective, the financial services industry is the most advanced in terms of preventing fraud because they’ve had to be.”
  • Frequency of breaches: “Every day. I think a lot of people are very naïve in saying, ‘Well, this has never happened to my company.’ I guarantee it has. If you say it hasn’t, it means that you don’t have sufficient controls on detection…Major corporations aren’t hit a few times a day; they’re hit hundreds of thousands of times a day…”