NLJ Quotes Michael Rossetti, Corey Roush on State AG Responses to Trump Regulatory Moves

The National Law Journal, for its article “Democratic AGs Unite to Counter Regulatory Rollbacks Pushed by Trump, Congress and Industry,” quoted Akin Gump public law and policy partner Michael Rossetti and antitrust partner Corey Roush.

The article discusses the opposition by Democratic state attorneys general to the Trump administration’s moves to reduce regulations and reorient policies in areas such as health care, consumer protection, education and immigration.

Regarding attempts by Democrats to compel the EPA to honor rules initiated in the Obama administration, Rossetti, a former chief deputy to New York’s AG, noted that “No matter who holds the White House, AGs love suing the EPA. That's an absolute target that's going to be ample grist for the mill for the next three-and-a-half years, and well beyond, for that matter.”

On the topic of state AGs focusing on antitrust issues, Roush, whose practice focuses on antitrust litigation and investigations, said that states with more resources are the ones likely to take up that fight, adding, “There are only a handful of states that are known as being fairly active in the antitrust space. I don't necessarily think that you are going to see a ton of antitrust enforcement coming out of a bunch of places where you didn't see it before.”