Peter Emmi Quoted in Skift Article on Patent Applications

Akin Gump intellectual property senior counsel Peter Emmi has been quoted on the topic of patent applications in the Skift article “Mastercard Could Share Your Height and Weight With Airlines, But Will It?”

The article reports on a patent application by Mastercard that would track consumers’ clothing and shoe purchases, thereby enabling airlines to estimate how much a passenger weighs before assigning them a seat. The application, according to the article, suggests that airlines could use the data to make sure “two physically large strangers” are not seated next to each other.

Emmi said that while it’s possible Mastercard may never follow-up on the patent, corporations generally do not file for patents if they do not suspect they could be useful in some form. “Patents are expensive,” he said. “Somebody had to make a decision that this may be worth the money and time to apply for a patent surrounding a potential future project or revenue stream.”