Pratik Shah Discusses Supreme Court Software Patent Ruling with Law360

Law360, for its article “Lawyers Weigh In On High Court's Software Patent Ruling,” quoted Akin Gump Supreme Court and appellate practice co-head Pratik Shah on the June 19 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Alice Corp. Pty Ltd. v. CLS Bank International that ruled computerized abstract ideas are not considered patent eligible.

In the article, Shah discussed the significance of the Court’s ruling:

“The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Alice Corp. breaks little new ground. Rather than announcing any sweeping rule eliminating business or software patents, the court applied its recent decisions in Bilski and Mayo to continue its incremental approach toward limiting patents that seek to capture basic business concepts, even with aid of a computer. Although the court’s decision might not provide broader guidance to the patent community, it still sends an important message — slowly but surely cutting back on such patents. But it is likely not the court’s last word.”