Privacy and Data Protection Legislation: The Risks and What Corporate Counsel Need to Know

With a constant stream of data breaches drawing public and media attention, and more than a dozen legislative proposals already on the table in the House and Senate, privacy and data protection issues are very much on the upcoming congressional agenda. Privacy and data protection is among the very few issues that have received bipartisan attention in the 112th Congress, and the Obama administration has been actively engaged, with activity in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Commerce, and Department of Justice. New regulations could directly impact any entity that collects, stores, or shares data on a large scale, including: data brokers, online marketers, retailers, banks, law enforcement, web browsers, website operators, credit reporting agencies, large employers and non-profit organizations.

This podcast program focuses on the risks facing your company or organization in light of congressional activity on privacy and data protection. Topics covered include—

  • congressional data security and privacy proposals
  • recent administration activities
  • outlook for additional legislative or regulatory developments
  • lessons learned from HIPAA and HITECH
  • implications for entities already subject to extensive privacy regulation
  • potential impact on businesses and nonprofits
  • steps to take now.

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