S&P Global Quotes Josh Teitelbaum on Potential Impacts/Risks of NAFTA Withdrawal

For “NAFTA withdrawal would pose threat to consumer prices, profit margins for retail,” S&P Global Market Intelligence quoted Akin Gump public law and policy counsel Josh Teitelbaum on the potential impact of a U.S. withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Teitelbaum, who previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Textiles, Consumer Goods and Materials with the International Trade Administration in the U.S. Department of Commerce, said, “The short message is if the U.S. withdraws, apparel supply chain retailers who generally use the agreement are going to look for other ways to enter the market that are more cost-effective. This could involve going to an Asian supply chain. That's a risk that the U.S. needs to take into account in trying to conclude an agreement like this.”