Scott Parven and Anya Landau French Quoted in Cuba Trade Magazine on Future in Cuba for U.S. Businesses

Scott Parven, a partner in the public law and policy practice at Akin Gump and a leader of the firm’s Cuba practice, and Anya Landau French, a senior policy advisor at the firm, have been quoted in the Cuba Trade magazine article “What Now for U.S. Corporations?” The article addresses President Trump’s announcement in June that U.S. businesses would be prohibited from doing business with entities controlled by the Cuban military. The Trump administration, as the article notes, also placed restrictions on U.S. travelers wishing to make self-directed people-to-people trips.

Despite the changes in policy from the administration of former President Barack Obama, Parven said, “We are advising our clients to lean in—and they are doing so—and to lean in with their lawyers by their side, to make sure they are clearly understanding the law versus the rhetoric.” He added that Cuba is always going to be “a long-term play,” and this is just “a speed bump,” that will require companies to realign “strategies and tactics.”

Landau French said the firm has been contacted by new clients looking for clarification on the new policies. “It comes down to how the regulations are written,” she said. “There are sectors where there doesn’t seem to be an effect, but it’s not clear… that is what we are working on in our advocacy effort.